Vsevolod wants to hear!

8 years

third-degree bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, stage 4 kidney failure

Required: 46 438 ₴
Raised: 1 365 ₴

The war in our country changed a lot and added many new questions and threats for children. We are asking you for help for a little boy.

Vsevolod is only 7 years old, but his childhood was a constant struggle for life. At the age of one and a half, the boy was admitted to the intensive care unit with an acute infection. The diagnosis shocked the parents: Vsevolod was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure. From that moment on, the child’s life depended on constant dialysis procedures and medication. But this was not the only difficult test for him. Taking a lot of drugs, months in the intensive care unit led to hearing loss. After a comprehensive examination, at the age of 3, Vsevolod was diagnosed with third-degree bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. In order the boy hear the world, develop and live a full life, powerful hearing aids were selected for him. The boy’s parents were able to purchase only one hearing aid, because without the aids their child would have continued to lose hearing.

This fall, Vsevolod became a first-grader and he is catastrophically missing one device for full-fledged learning and mastering the material. The boy and his parents are now in difficult conditions: their home is in the territory of active hostilities. The family cannot leave the home. Vsevolod’s parents are currently unable to purchase a second device, as they continue to pay for kidney treatment.

We can help a boy in such extremely difficult conditions to hear his parents and study at school.

The cost of the hearing aid is 46,438 hryvnias.

Each of your reposts and your hryvnia will bring our boy one step closer to his victory over hearing loss!

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