Become a partner

Become a partner of the “Kiddo” foundation! By working with us, you increase the chances of families getting the help they need, and help us make systemic changes in the charity and healthcare sector.

Together, we can help hundreds of children fight with complex diagnoses and get the right to a fulfilling childhood.

In cooperation with large, medium and small businesses, companies with high corporate responsibility, we give many healthy smiles to children every day!


  • A charity event with the participation of your company’s customers
  • Monthly Charity Deductions – Direct a % of your profits to charity
  • Cases of implementation of corporate social responsibility – create programs to attract your company’s employees to charity
  • Organization of charity events – become an organizer or partner of a charity event
  • your option – our employees will help you create a unique charity project based on the values, mission and scope of your company

Become a partner

    We thank you for your desire to systematically provide charitable assistance to children with complex diagnoses and to become a partner of the “Kiddo” charitable foundation!

    Please tell us briefly about the company and your idea of cooperation.

    After filling out the form, the staff of the Kiddo Foundation will contact you to discuss all the details.

    If you have any questions, write to us: