We have been helping children become healthier and happier for 10 years.

Types of help

Help for children

The fund opens targeted fees for the purchase of medicines, payment for rehabilitation courses, expensive consumables and surgical interventions.

Help for hospitals

Kiddo systematically works with specialized departments of children’s hospitals. Purchases equipment for diagnostics, manipulations, and operating rooms, as state budgets do not cover all hospital costs.

Training of doctors

We organize training in hospital departments, educational projects abroad, and pay for subscriptions to specialized medical publications.

Assistance to the victims in Dnipro on 14.01.2023

We are announcing the launch of the program “Help for victims of Dnipro on January 14, 2023”, which will be aimed at PURCHASING HOMES for victims of Russian aggression.

History of the Foundation

The founders of Kiddo united many people around their idea in 2012.

We Helped

70 000 000 UAH

collected by the Kiddo Foundation to help children since 2013.

520 children

received help.

10 457 215 UAH

fund raised in 2021

10 years

our foundation, together with partners, takes care of children.

Urgent fundraising

Where does your money go?

From every dollar you donate, we spend 85 cents on the direct fight against childhood diseases.
we spend to help children overcome illness.
we spend on helping doctors.
we spend to make more money to fight childhood diseases.

Children’s stories


Flash mob for the foundation’s birthday
The big power of small contributions:
we save lives together