Serhiy Malovik

19 years

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia B common, FAB variant L1, CNS 1, I acute period. Down's Syndrome.

Required: 150 000 ₴
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Sergii cannot cope without your help!

The family heard the terrible diagnosis of “leukemia” at the end of April 2020.

And it all started with the fact that even ordinary daily tasks began to cause difficulties for Serhiy. The boy complained of fatigue more and more often, although he got enough sleep, ate with appetite, played with his younger brother with pleasure, continued to do his favorite hobbies – singing and dancing. One day Serhii suddenly became pale yellow and weak. The parents immediately took their son for tests. The boy was sent to the hospital in Sinelnikovo, where they performed tests and voiced the suspicion of blood cancer.

In Dnipro, Serhiy was re-tested, sternal and lumbar punctures were sent to Kyiv (Okhmatdyt), and from there came confirmation – Acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Complex treatment and a number of necessary expensive drugs began. For a family in which a mother is on maternity leave to take care of her younger son, and the only breadwinner is a father with a disability, this all became a real blow!

Since April 30, 2020, Serhiy has been in the hospital and is undergoing chemotherapy courses, which are provided free of charge. But after each infusion of chemistry, antithrombin drops, and then you need to enter “Atenativ”, which costs almost 6,000 hryvnias per day. Squirrel fell several times and the boy was injected with “Albumin”, costing more than 2,000 hryvnias. And every time some indicators fall, treatment is postponed indefinitely.

In December 2020, Serhiy suffered from COVID-19 extremely hard and spent several weeks in the intensive care unit on a ventilator. Treatment of the consequences and recovery was expensive in every sense.

Funds collected in the spring of 2021 have ended. More than 201,488 hryvnias have been spent, and there is still a difficult and long road to recovery ahead.

Will Sergey be able to fulfill his dream and overcome the disease? Much depends on you, friends.

Support the sunny boy in the fight against an insidious disease!

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