Kitcha Nastya

19 years

Type I diabetes, severe form, labile course, with a tendency to hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis

Required: 3 380 ₴
Raised: 0 ₴

In order to live with diabetes without the fear of losing consciousness at any moment, Nastya needs “Freestyle Libre” sensors for glucose monitoring!

In the summer of 2018, the girl very sharply lost more than 10% of her body weight, she suddenly became very thirsty and refused to eat. With these complaints, they turned to the hospital of the regional children’s hospital, where they found a glucose level of more than 38 (norm: 4.1-5.9). From the reception room, in a completely weakened state, Nastya was hospitalized in the 6th Children’s City Hospital. Based on the results of the examinations, the doctors made a diagnosis: newly discovered type 1 diabetes mellitus, severe form, labile course, with a tendency to hypoglycemia and ketoacidosis.

Nastya had to do 5-12 injections every day (1,825 – 4,380 per year!!!), depending on the level of glucose in the blood. Once every six months – mandatory hospitalization. There were often moments of weakness, even fainting. At the slightest emotional distress, the girl’s temperature and blood sugar level rose, her hands shook. It’s no secret that there are many reasons for anxiety in teenagers… in this condition, it is difficult to calculate insulin units, and the wrong dose can cost life! Because of her tendency to go into a diabetic coma, Nastya always carried a homemade card with her diagnosis and information on what to do if she was found unconscious or in a feverish state.

According to all indicators, Nastya needed an insulin pump – an expensive device that imitates the work of the pancreas of a healthy person. The family turned to us for help at the end of January 2019 and a week later, thanks to the sensitivity of many people, the collection was closed.

Now Nastya has the opportunity to live as full a life as possible and not be afraid of fainting at any moment – the pump automatically injects the required amount of insulin. The only need to date, which the family cannot provide on its own, is the monthly purchase of consumables for sensor glucose monitoring.

Support the girl as much as you can!

Sensor blood glucose monitoring saves a girl from a dozen finger pricks DAILY!

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