Makar Vaskovsky

16 years

Type I diabetes

Required: 3 380 ₴
Raised: 0 ₴

Severe illnesses always come suddenly. For Makar’s mother and father, the news of their son’s serious illness sounded like thunder from a clear sky. After all, nothing foreshadowed trouble. The boy grew up cheerful and inquisitive. He dreamed of building houses and launching rockets.

At the age of 6, after another blood test for sugar, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. During the first year of the disease, the child was hospitalized 4 times. Each deterioration in health was associated with viral infections common to other children, but deadly to Makar. The treatment shown in such cases did not bring the expected result. Sugar could rise to very high numbers at any time, which ultimately led to resuscitation.

Makar’s life was changed by an insulin pump, for which funds were collected by Kiddo in 2016. A small portable device monitors the sugar level and injects the required amount of insulin into the boy’s body around the clock.

Now Makar has the opportunity to live as full a life as possible and not be afraid to end up in the hospital again. The only need to date, which is covered by the fund every month, is the purchase of consumables for sensor monitoring of glucose in the blood, which allows you to control sugar.

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