Danylo Strilka desperately needs expensive drugs!

18 years

Cystic fibrosis with pancreatic insufficiency

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Danilo is the long-awaited firstborn, born on time and, at first glance, completely healthy. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but within a month the boy was diagnosed with bronchitis. After treatment in a hospital, the baby was discharged home, and two weeks later the story repeated itself. No one understood how a child could have bronchitis in the middle of summer, even twice in a month. After hospitalization in the city of Marganets, Danya was sent to the Dnipro regional hospital, and from there to the city of Kyiv, where she received a terrible diagnosis: cystic fibrosis.

With cystic fibrosis, a human has a “broken” gene responsible for the normal functioning of the exocrine glands, which affects breathing and digestion. If you deviate from supportive therapy, Danya begins to lose weight, as his body does not independently produce enzymes to digest food. Without daily inhalations, sputum accumulates in the lungs and it becomes difficult for the boy to breathe.

Today, all over the world, cystic fibrosis is an incurable disease and even with full state funding, the average life expectancy of people with such a diagnosis, for example, in Europe, is a little over thirty years. Our state provides about 1% of the necessary treatment, but it is prohibitively expensive for Danyla’s family.

During periods of remission, Danylo, like all boys, loves to play mobile games with his younger brother and friends, reads books with pleasure, does strength training, and is also fond of cycling and motor sports. Only regular support of Kiddo gives a teenager faith in the future and the opportunity to lead a more or less fulfilling lifestyle.

People whose lives are full of daily obstacles and conditions know how to appreciate every moment of it.

Joyful Danylo really needs your help!

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