Fundraising for the rehabilitation for Maksym Ivashkin

5 years

Локалізована (фокальна)(парціальна) ідіопатична епілепсія та епілептичні синдроми з судомними нападами з фокальним початком, з фармакорезистентною епілепсію, затримка мовного розвитку

Required: 12 000 ₴
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Maksym is a cheerful, kind, sensitive boy. He really likes to sing songs and dance, play ball. He draws a lot.
He was born in a small front-line town in the Donetsk region. He developed like all children, but had a slight delay in speech. Maksym took medication and attended sensory integration classes, and little by little he made progress in his speech.
Unfortunately, one day, due to the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, Maksym was very scared after hearing loud explosions. And the inevitable happened – he almost stopped talking. Maksym and his family were forced to leave their home and moved to the city of Dnipro.
But in the fall, the state of health deteriorated and constant epileptic seizures began, a terrible diagnosis was made – localized (focal) (partial) idiopathic epilepsy and epileptic syndromes with convulsive attacks with focal onset, with pharmacoresistant epilepsy, delayed language development, and established disability.
Thanks to constant treatment by a neurologist and rehabilitation courses, Maksym has made significant progress in his speech. He began to actively communicate with those around him, stopped being afraid of loud sounds.
Maksym has every chance to become a healthy child, so he takes rehabilitation courses on an ongoing basis.

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