Bohdan Shulyak

24 years

Multiple sclerosis

Required: 13 000 ₴
Raised: 0 ₴

In July 2016, Bohdan lost coordination of movements, severe dizziness and vomiting appeared. A young guy with a charming smile was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. A feature of the disease is simultaneous damage to several parts of the nervous system, which leads to the appearance of various neurological symptoms.

Bohdan lives with his loving mother, who immediately consulted a doctor. They were referred to a neurologist, who in turn recommended an MRI of the brain. Changes were detected in the picture and he was hospitalized in the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 5. Since the disease was diagnosed in time, the doctors claim that there is every chance to stop the course of the disease, but for this Bohdan needs to constantly take the expensive drug “Betaferon”. If you miss an injection, your hands and feet go numb, you have to go to a hospital, put on drips.

Bohdan is a very intelligent, charismatic and talented guy. He was an excellent student at school, and now he is finishing his master’s degree at the Dnipropetrovsk National University at the Faculty of Economics. He loves the Ukrainian language with all his heart, studies it in depth, and dreams of becoming a teacher in the future.

Unfortunately, the boy has only his mother and there is no opportunity to buy medicine worth UAH 13,000 every month. Therefore, we are asking you to help Bohdan!

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