Sonia Vlasova is fighting blood cancer!

7 years

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia B II (common B-ALL)

Required: 100 000 ₴
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Sonia needs support in the fight against blood cancer!

To return home. To hug the younger brother. TO LIVE!

Sofia is a cheerful and active girl. He likes to draw, read books, walk and play with his peers, adores cats, the sea, feeding squirrels in the park and riding horses. But now all the child’s forces are directed at defeating cancer.

The disease was discovered by chance. At the beginning of May 2020, joint problems started. At first, the hand and fingers were swollen, the doctors diagnosed arthritis of the II degree, and Sonya walked in a cast for a week. At the beginning of June – shoulder dislocation. Plaster again, already for 2.5 weeks. Surprised parents threw up their hands – no one understood where and how the girl could get injured.

Since problems with the joints were accompanied by a high temperature, doctors ordered a full examination and took blood tests on June 18. The result shocked everyone. On June 20, 2020, in Kyiv (Okhmatdit), the diagnosis was confirmed – Sonechka has acute lymphoblastic leukemia. In simple language – blood cancer.

For a year now, the girl has been undergoing chemotherapy courses at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, in the department of hematology oncology. Complications due to chemotherapy prevented the girl’s weakened body from passing the 4th block of methotrexate. From February to mid-April, Sonya did not leave the hospital for a single minute. At the same time, despite the fact that she had to lie under drips even for 8 hours during the day and 8 hours at night, and her general state of health leaves much to be desired, Sonya holds on like a real fighter! She is determined to recover quickly and return to her usual life!

Blood cancer is an insidious disease, with a high risk of various complications, and treatment and recovery are long and expensive. The term of intensive therapy, even in the absence of complications, takes about two years! In order to continue the treatment, funds are needed for vital drugs. The money we collected last year has already run out. We opened a new collection and ask you to support Sonia on the way to recovery! A child cannot cope without the help of caring adults!

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