Sasha Gavrilets

13 years

Type I diabetes

Required: 3 380 ₴
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Sasha was born a completely healthy, full-fledged child. Everything was fine, and nothing foreshadowed trouble. But one day, when the girl was not even two years old, her mother noticed that her daughter began to drink and sleep a lot. In January 2013, Sasha was urgently hospitalized, suspecting the presence of some kind of infection. Blood tests showed elevated sugar – 18 (with a norm of 3.3-5.5 mmol/l).

Since then, a new life has begun for Sasha with a diagnosis of type I diabetes, a lot of limitations and complications. A small child could not get used to a strict diet, swollen fingers from constant punctures and constant control from his mother. When school started, my mother even had to sit under the office during lessons – in case there was another spike in sugar. As you know, controlling the sugar level in children is incredibly difficult, since its indicators are affected by hundreds of factors that cannot be predicted in advance.

Only glucose monitoring and sensors “Freestyle libre”, which automatically measure the level of glucose in the blood, help Sasha live a more fulfilling life. But their cost is too high for the family.

 The girl is so tired of getting her fingers pierced every day, she needs your help!

Please support Sasha as much as you can!

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