One more step towards a dream

14 years

Церебральний параліч, спастичний парапарез нижніх кінцівок

Required: 65 000 ₴
Raised: 0 ₴

Zhenya was born at the 30th week with a surprisingly small weight – 1350 grams. Doctors assured her mother that everything was fine with the girl. But for 8 months the child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. From that moment, Zhenya has undergone rehabilitation courses of both traditional and unconventional medicine. There were also surgeries. It all turned out to be effective in the complex: Zhenya left the wheelchair, started seventh grade of ordinary school, studies English and German, is fond of online drawing and trying to enjoy life, like all children. However, because of spastic paraparesis, there are problems with gait. Last year, Kiddo paid for Zhenya`s surgery (іpecial implants were extensions and bolts were screwed into the toes). The operation was successful and very much helped Zhenya, but in order to achieve the best result, she needed another operation.

This is another step towards Zhenya’s dream: not to feel pain and discomfort while walking!

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