CLOSED! Rybalka Yaroslav

19 years

Large-cell diffuse B-cell lymphoma with damage to the right kidney. Condition after right-sided nephrectomy

Required: 100 000 ₴
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Yaroslav became interested in kickboxing at the age of 7. Took prize places, received a diploma of Candidate of Masters of Sports.

Therefore, when the boy complained of back pain in July 2020, everyone decided that it was a sports injury. Rubbing, painkillers and herbal teas did not bring relief. In August, the parents turned to a surgeon, who referred Yaroslav for an ultrasound. The ultrasound specialist issued a conclusion: “suspected neoplasm of the right kidney” and it was confirmed by a CT scan.

On September 23, an operation to remove the right kidney was performed in the Urological Department of Yaroslavl in the Mariupol regional intensive care hospital. On the basis of histology and immunohistochemistry, a diagnosis was made: Diffuse B-cell lymphoma.

For a boy from the Donetsk region, the whole world has turned upside down: instead of studying at the Selydiv Mountain Technical College and a sports career, he faces life with one kidney, 6 chemotherapy units and a long recovery.

Doctors of the hematological oncology department of the Dnipro ODKB have already started the cytoreductive (preparatory) phase of chemotherapy.

The family is forced to turn to everyone who cares with a request for help to save their son, because they do not have the financial ability to provide him with everything he needs.

The parents spent more than 30,000 hryvnias on examination and medicine, and due to the large expenses, they also had to take a credit of 35,000 hryvnias to pay for the operation.

Yaroslav does not give up and does not give up! He dreams of returning to a full-fledged life, studies and sports as soon as possible. Will he succeed? A lot depends on you and me!

Treatment is long and very difficult, every hryvnia is important for recovery!

Transfer the required amount, help Yaroslav cope with a serious illness!

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