Kiddo's incredible friends

12 years

ДЦП атактичної форми. Плоско-вальгусна деформація обох стоп.

Required: 22 000 ₴
Raised: 0 ₴

We planned to announce fundraising to help Damir. But no🤗 We didn’t catch up with it, our friends came to help.

Our ward Damir was operated on. The boy has a diagnosis of ataxic cerebral palsy and flat-valgus deformity of both feet. The child does not walk independently, only with the help of his parents. During the years of rehabilitation, Damir can already stand on his own, and move around the flat, holding on to the wall or to the supports at hand. To fully stand and walk, it is necessary to eliminate the deformation of the feet. For this, an operation was needed, which costs UAH 22,000 on one leg.

And now the friends of the Kiddo foundation – @truff_royal and Agroprom-D came to the rescue and gave funds to pay for the operation 😊
Such good deeds not only warm our soul but also support faith in our people ❤️

We say a huge THANK YOU from the Damirchyk family and from the whole team of the foundation for their help 🥰 In such difficult times, entrepreneurs and business owners still find an opportunity to help those who now need even more attention ✨
We believe that your good deeds will return to you a hundredfold 🙏

We never get tired of saying – you are incredible! 🇺🇦

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