CLOSED! Ogorodnikov Kolya

14 years

Down's syndrome, Congenital heart disease, Hepatitis "B" and "G".

Required: 8 000 ₴
Raised: 0 ₴

Mykola Ogorodnikov was born with Down Syndrome and a heart defect. The kid survived several successful heart operations and, when it seemed that all the bad things were behind him, like thunder in the clear sky, a new diagnosis sounded – LEUKOMIS. We can only imagine how many circles of hell a small child and parents experienced.

Together with you, we were able to overcome the most difficult disease, Mykola has been in REMISSION for three years! But the effects of chemistry hit the weak body – the liver was badly damaged during the treatment. The boy was diagnosed with Hepatitis “B” and “G” – serious diseases that require increased attention from parents, a lot of effort and, of course, funds, which are not enough.

Mykola REALLY needs drugs to support his liver!

The family has been fighting for the health of their eldest son for a long time and now they cannot cope without your help!

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