#GivingTuesday_Kiddo: results 2021


As part of the project #GivingTuesday_Kiddo, the team of the “Kiddo” charitable foundation set a rather ambitious goal – to collect 200,000 hryvnias.

With these funds, it was planned to purchase 50 vials of the drug “Kustodiol”, without which open heart surgery is impossible, and transfer them to the Department of Children’s Cardiac Surgery in the city of Dnipro. For more than 7 years, the “Kiddo” foundation has been supporting the department, helping with equipment, necessary consumables and drugs. It is here that children of all ages from Dnipropetrovsk and all surrounding regions, as well as Luhansk and Donetsk regions, are given examinations, intensive therapy and open heart operations.

The foundation team invited all friends, partners and everyone who wants to be a part of something big and significant to join the project on November 30 and help raise funds for the reserve of a vital drug, choosing a convenient way for themselves.

Among those who supported the flash mob and provided active informational support were: First Lady of Dnipro – Marina Filatova; the famous psychologist Victoria Lyubarevych-Torkhova; Alina Axelrod; teams “Charisma Fashion Group”, “Vodoley”, “BebeBlanc”, “Medical practice for the family” and many others.

• In the period from November 22 to 30, inclusive, “Comfy Kids” not only pleased their customers with pleasant discounts, but also transferred 10 hryvnias to Kiddo from each purchase.

• From November 18 to 22, a part of the money received from sales in the “Charisma Fashion Group” chain of boutiques, as well as gifts for the company’s 13th anniversary, was transferred.

• “Tsikava Kava” handed over 100% of the proceeds from the sold cups of coffee on November 30, and from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. our Good Barista – Anna Yermolaeva, President of the “Kiddo” Foundation, met and delighted the guests of the cafe with aromatic coffee prepared by herself “.

• The chain of stores “Medtechnika Ortosalon” transferred 5 hryvnias from each pair of children’s orthopedic shoes and each pair of children’s insoles sold in November to help children with heart defects.

• The following also contributed to the project: “G.Restart” boutique, “Be Unique” beauty salon, “ChronoStyle” watch and jewelry salon, “Medical practice for the family” clinic.

Thanks to the active support of representatives of small and large businesses, followers of “Kiddo” pages in social networks, hundreds of contributions from 5 hryvnias, the project managed to collect an amount much higher than planned – 286,101 hryvnias!

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who supported the project to save children’s hearts and joined #Kiddo_GivingTuesday! Together, we gave little hearts hope and the opportunity to live a happy and healthy childhood!

Of course, the “Kiddo” team does not stop there and continues to unite everyone who wants to change this world for the better for the good, the health of children and the well-being of our society! In the near future, we will definitely please our readers with photo reports from the Department of Children’s Cardiac Surgery.