In September, thanks to direct contributions, systemic support from partners and friends of “Kiddo”, as well as regular payments to a Privatbank card and transfers through the “Charity” section of the Monobank application, you and I managed to collect: 749,691 hryvnias.

Also in September, “Kiddo” paid bills for the total amount: 737,537 hryvnias.

✅ Medicines and special food: 192,448 hryvnias;

✅ Consumables and medical equipment: 139,867 hryvnias;

✅ Clinical laboratory tests of wards: 9,400 hryvnias;

✅ Assistance to children’s departments: 395,822 hryvnias.

In each of these sums – the sensitivity and participation of hundreds of kind hearts. The Kiddo team and the families of the Fund’s wards are sincerely grateful to you for your help and trust!

Thank you for staying with us!