Kiddo-2020 results


Behind the backs of the Kiddo team are hundreds of children who believe and are waiting for salvation! Every day with us, you are our friends, support and support!

Despite all the difficulties, the cancellation of events due to the lockdown, in 2020 you and I collected 18,560,842 hryvnias!

As part of the project to protect doctors and support in the fight against COVID-19, the amount of aid to hospitals in the city and region amounted to 3,200,000 hryvnias!

You provided targeted assistance to children by paying for operations, equipment and consumables in the amount of 5,729,214 hryvnias!

Our children completed planned rehabilitation courses for a total of 1,069,375 hryvnias!

Kiddo wards received the necessary medicines for a total of 2,252,185 hryvnias!

You and I paid for the diagnosis and examination of children for a total of 295,090 hryvnias!

Purchased medical supplies worth 851,050 hryvnias!

Helped children’s departments of city hospitals with the purchase of modern equipment and necessary consumables for a total of 453,353 hryvnias!

Friends, we sincerely thank EVERYONE who, together with us, saves children’s lives and helps children with complex diagnoses fight for a full life!

All our achievements, children’s recovery are possible only thanks to you! 

We continue to move forward and believe that we will be able to do more in 2021!