Fundraising for rehabilitation for Karolina Melnychuk

5 years

ДЦП, спастична геміплегія зі стійкими руховими порушеннями, затримка моторного розвитку, гідроцефалія, епілепсія

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Everyone who knows the story of Karolinka is sure that she is a little superhero and this is not an exaggeration.
At 1 month, Karolinka suffered meningitis, was in the hospital for a long time in the intensive care unit in a very serious condition on a ventilator, spent 4 months in the hospital, as bilateral pneumonia, sepsis, stenosis of the aqueduct of the brain, damage to one kidney (toxicity in the body), hydrocephalus , convulsive syndrome – then, in satisfactory condition, was discharged. Little Karolinka has Congenital left eyelid polyptosis. Every month, the girl was hospitalized for examination, as the hydrocephalus progressed. Carolina was lagging behind in development. Later, over time, the main diagnosis of cerebral palsy was made. Karolina was and is under the constant supervision of neurosurgeons, neuropathologists, and an epileptologist.

From 7 months to now, she is constantly undergoing rehabilitation courses, which give results. At 1 year and 10 months, a relapse occurred – convulsions, the little one was admitted to the intensive care unit, a decision was made – intervention in the brain (an operation was performed in Kyiv). The convulsions did not stop and Karolinka was constantly admitted to the hospital, there were rare cases that led to the intensive care unit. Doctors could not find a therapy for a long time. Then the parents decided to fly abroad to Turkey on their own to have the child examined. A number of examinations were carried out, treatment was prescribed, the convulsions did not leave the child.
Karolinka took various medications for seizures for 2 years – they did not help, finally, a concomitant diagnosis was made: drug-resistant epilepsy. Hormone therapy was prescribed and the child began to speak a few words at the age of 4, doctors managed to find a therapy that reduced the number of attacks. Now every month the child is admitted to the hospital for pulse therapy.
In Kyiv, Karolina underwent ophthalmological surgery for congenital eyelid ptosis.
Karolina is constantly engaged with teachers and has significant success thanks to rehabilitation, with each course of rehabilitation noticeable changes in development and acquired new skills.

Karolinka’s story is amazing, but we know that every superhero needs support. Let’s help this strong girl on the way to a completely healthy life!

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